Thursday, July 15, 2010

The search continues!

So the search is still on for a tenant, and the crunch is on now too.  I've had a couple of people ask me if I'm getting nervous yet, but I'm not.  Yet.

Every few days I re-post the condo to craigslist, and generally remove any prior postings so that it doesn't appear too stale.  Usually, within a day of posting it, I will get about 1-3 emails enquiring about more details and requesting to see it.  That is when I send my list of questions (mentioned here).  And from there, it tends to be completely random whether I hear back or not.  I'm not taking it personally if I don't hear back - it just proves that the person was probably just testing the waters and was not completely serious.  I can relate - after spending the past 4 months trying to choose a wedding venue, I know what it's like to send a million inquiry emails, and after reading the responses, feel the need to respond to far less than half of them.

I've shown the condo twice now.  The first potential tenant was a great match, and she really loved the condo.  The poor girl had moved twice in the past few years though - her landlord is selling the condo she lives in now - and she really didn't want to leave the building she was in.  Her furniture had been carefully chosen for that specific floorplan, and a move elsewhere would be a pain.  After leaving here, her building manager found out about another condo unit that was available in her building, and that just made everything easier for her, so she made the obvious choice.

Then I showed this condo to a couple, but I could tell as soon as they got here that they were not interested.  It was just written all over their faces.  They are in a significantly larger condo now, but wanted to save some money.  I think they were surprised what a sacrifice  they would be making on space if they want to pay lower rent!  I have had a few other emails from couples, and I try to always gently mention that the condo is ideal for 1 person but might be a bit cozy for two.  It really all depends on their situation though.  If they are looking for a place to rest their heads while they are on a one-year work transfer, or while one of them goes to school, then I think anyone can make a sacrifice for that long.  But if this is meant to be a long-term home, they might find themselves getting cabin fever here.  There is a bedroom and a living room, and they are a few steps from each other.  Literally.  So if you want to get some "alone time" away  from your significant other... well, you are just plain out of luck!

I've heard from a few other young, single men and women - those are really the target market for this neighbourhood - and so I just have to hope that one of these works out!  I've had a good look at craigslist, and I'm competing fairly - there are a few similar units to mine, but without parking, so there is a slight premium on mine over those - but in general the competition is priced comparably.

I had a walk through the neighbourhood on Sunday, and I have to say - now is a great time to be entering the neighbourhood.  There are three brand new condo towers, each only a few months from completion, that will bring a surge of new energy to the area.  Along with the new condos, the neighbourhood's landscape is also really taking shape.  A little playground just appeared in the park across the street from my condo, which I'm sure will be a huge hit with families and dog owners alike.  A few new restaurants have only just recently opened, and I have seen their patios bursting with activity each time I've gone by.  And a new retail development is due for groundbreaking any day now.

This is all a huge change from the construction-zone-meets-dirt-pile that the neigbourhood was when I first moved in.  What changes I've seen!  Hopefully some lucky guy or gal will move in soon and enjoy the next wave of changes!

Check out some of the before and afters from my time in this neighbourhood.  The "befores" are from March 2006 and 2007.  The "afters" are this week!


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