Friday, September 17, 2010

The couch

So during the move, everything went according to plan, with one small exception:  Matt's couch.  One of the things we loved about this house is that there is a living room on the main level where my condo-sized couch would be ideal, and then a large TV room in the basement where Matt's longer, leather couch would be nice.  However... the couch would not fit down the stairs.  No matter which way we turned it, squished it, pushed it, pulled it.   It just wasn't going.  The guys even wrapped it in bubble wrap so that they could really try shoving it.  But logistically, it was just impossible.  So after taking doors off hinges, and light fixtures off the ceiling, the couch was sent back outside, and now resides in the garage.

We took this as an opportunity to get a sectional, which will be ideal for TV watching!  And maybe for some foot rubs too!  For the sectional we chose, our only choices were black upholstery or brown, and I went  to the showroom fully expecting to pick the black, since the online image of the brown was quite a chocolate-y colour, and not really our taste.  The only loophole is that Matt had an ottoman with his couch, which he desperately wants to keep, as it holds all his DVDs and cables and remotes and video games.   And quite frankly, I don't think any of that stuff needs to be displayed on a shelf, so I'd be happy to keep the ottoman too.  It has an insane amount of storage space; but it's dark brown leather.  I thought  that maybe we could get the black couch, and then I could make some cushions with a fabric that has both brown and black in it, to tie it all  together?  Anyway, when we got to the store, I saw the brown swatch, and realized it wasn't nearly as chocolate-y as I  thought it would be, and might actually look quite nice with the brown ottoman.  But I still wasn't sold on brown fabric.  The basement walls are a light grey, and the carpet is also grey, so the black matches with that better.  However, the black is so crisp that it would probably show every little mark of dirt, while the brown might hide spots better.  I deliberated and deliberated and I think I caused Matt a serious headache.  And in the end, I told him that the decision is up to him, because I really just couldn't let go of one colour over the other.  So - he chose black, reasoning that it was my gut instinct before we even got there.

The new one arrives tomorrow.  I have measured this thing to death, I taped out the area in the TV room to see how it will feel, and I measured the stairwell, landing, doorways, and every angle I could think of.  PLEASE let me have not screwed that up!!

We also ordered this desk chair while we were there.  I'm pretty smitten' with it.

I am very excited for the delivery tomorrow!


  1. Love the sectional and chair Mary! I've been looking for a chair like that - where did you find it?

  2. The chair is from Structube. I've seen the same style (it's a copycat of the Eames Management Chair) at tons of stores, but Structube's was the best price we could find. I think there is a Structube in Ottawa?