Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The one that got away

The couch didn't fit.

At about midnight on the night before the couch was to be delivered, it occurred to me that the chaise part is wider than the rest of the couch, and I was basing all the measurements on the couch part.  The entire couch and chaise would have both fit no problem in the TV room.  But despite all my careful measurements, pivoting on the landing of our U-shaped stairwell would have been impossible.  At 2:00 am I was still standing on the landing, tape measure in hand, dumbfounded as to how I could have screwed up so incredibly.  I was right though.  The delivery guys showed up early in the morning, and while they left us with our super cool new desk chair, they drove away with the couch back on the truck.  It was pretty disheartening.  I envisioned us having a forever empty TV room, and watching movies on lawn chairs for the rest of our years in this house.

My Mom kept saying "go to Ikea, go to Ikea, it might just work".  We had been resisting Ikea couches.  And I am pretty familiar with every single Ikea item, and never felt much affection for any of them anyway.  But yesterday, we went to Ikea to "check them out".  And didn't we realize that the Karlstad was not nearly as bad as I remember it being!  (Were we starting to see couches through beer goggles after 2 failed attempts?)  I shocked the pants off Matt when I said "let's just take one home tonight!".   He looked at me as though we'd met for the first time, and he wanted to know who this person was that was making such spontaneous and definitive decisions.  I was so determined to get a couch, that I was even basing choices on stock.  I said "we'll get the Sivik Dark Grey, but if they don't have that, we'll get the red".  And while we were debating between an L-shaped and a chaise option, we chose the chaise, mainly because it was in stock, whereas the L-shaped would require 10 days of ordering time.

Of course, we’d gone there with no intentions of actually buying a couch.  So when we got to the stockroom and looked at the boxes, we realized another flaw in our plan – how would we get them home?  We called Matt's Dad, and at 8:30 pm on a Tuesday night, that generous, very understanding, and patient man showed up with his van to help us drive the boxes home.  We were so thrilled to have a couch that comes in pieces!  It fit, it fit!  We had it assembled by midnight!

At some point, maybe we'll stain the legs to match the ottoman?
 It's hard to tell in the picture, but this bad boy is a long one, and actually works out to be a bit bigger than the one that got away.  The upholstery is a great grey-ish colour that remind me more of denim, and is perfectly suited to the grey walls and brown ottoman, and is masculine enough for Matt!  It's also significantly less expensive than the last one, AND - it's washable!   Amen to Ikea!

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