Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sitting at the head of the table

I have been growing increasingly embarrassed by our temporary solution for a dining room table - a folding white table that I bought from Ikea back in 2002, for my tiny university apartment.   I never intended to keep it this long, but it came in handy when I lived in the 400-square foot condo, which had no distinguishable eating area.  I really spent 5 years eating on the couch, and basically ate at the table on days where I felt like having soup!  In Matt’s condo, he had a breakfast bar with stools, and that’s all he had for a dining area too.  So even with two condo’s worth of furniture moving into our one house, we still had no dining room table!

I searched high and low through the city of Toronto for a table suitable for our quasi-dining room.  It's really a tiny room (measuring about 7' x 9.5').  And even though it opens to the living room, there is a nice arch separating the two rooms, and I wanted to keep the dining area confined to its own space.  I loved the idea of a glass-top table, which would keep the room feeling open.  I also liked the idea of a round table.  But what I REALLY liked was the “Pocket Dining Table” at CB2, which is compact and sits 4 on a normal day, but it has a leaf which allows 6 - maybe even 8 - people to sit at the table comfortably.  As a bonus, the leaf stores under the table. 

I found some old boxes in our garage, and cut out some templates of the different sized tables I've looked at.  The circular templates never seemed to work - either there was not enough room to push seats back without hitting the walls behind, or the table was just too tiny to fit more than 4 people - with no way to increase that capacity.  With the CB2 table, I impressed myself by cutting the cardboard to the extended size of the table, and scored it so that I could fold it back to the leaf-less size of the table.  Leaf-less, the table fits nicely in the room and holds 4 comfortably.  With the leaf in, we can turn the table sideways and accommodate a few dinner guests. 

Now unfortunately, here is the catch: there is currently no CB2 stores in Canada.  About a year ago, I learned through my work (a Commercial Real Estate company), that CB2 would be opening in Toronto, at the corner of Queen Street West & Bathurst.  They had leased the former Big Bop space, which would need extensive repair and quite a makeover.  I had been so excited at the time - I dreamt of registering there for our upcoming wedding.  Well, I must have underestimated just how much repair was required for the space.  Most recently I have heard it will be at least Summer 2011 before the CB2 store opens - a little too late, since we get married in May! 

Growing desperate, I decided to order the table online.  Well, nothing is as easy as it seems!  After weeks of confusing emails, calls, orders going through in error, fluctuating shipping costs and duties, we FINALLY received the table today!!  And I love it!! 

The table is great, and it was a breeze to put together.  The leaf works really well, and the two fixed panels are on gliders to make it easy to open/close.  It’s got neat little latches to hold the parts in place whether the leaf is in or not.   

Matt and I were so excited by the fact that we can have a long table, that we put the leaf in, and ate at opposite ends tonight!  Matt loves that he has a table that he can sit at the head of!  I think he is envisioning himself carving a big turkey there someday.

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