Friday, March 11, 2011

Here, have a seat

Well now that we have a new table, we also needed some chairs to sit on at that table!

I had shopped around Toronto, and seen many I liked.  But I kept going back to these chairs, which are a nod to the Eames Eiffel Chairs.  Whereas the Eames chair exists only in molded plastic (I believe) this twist on the chair has a padded/upholstered version.  I really liked the dark grey wool version, with wood legs. 

We caught these on sale at Morba, but were leary about buying these without having received our table yet.  We knew we would want a version of the chair no matter what, but couldn't yet commit to the colour.  So we placed the order so that we could get the sale price, but with an arrangement that we would not finalize the order details until after our table arrived.  The store agreed that once we got the table, we could pick up a floor model for a 24-hour loan, and if we liked the colour, we could go ahead and finalize the order, or, change it to a different colour. 

Well we really loved the chair when we brought it home the day we got the table!  The dark grey upholstory looked amazing beside the slate-coloured steel legs of the table.  And the room, which is a bit echoy, will benefit from the paddedness of the chair.

Of course, when we returned to the store to finalize the order, we learned that they are having major issues with their supplier, and that there is now a shortage of the chair!  While they previously thought it would only be a few days to get the order in, they were now hearing it could be months!  This seems to be the theme, since the table also took weeks longer than expected.

Luckily, the fine people at Morba pushed on for our cause, and after only a 2-week delay, we now officially have 4 of these great chairs!  Things are coming together!

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