Saturday, March 5, 2011

My clothes finally have a place to call home too

Before I start - let me preamble this by saying this post is NOT about my wardrobe, which I do realize is in dire need of purging.  I am fully aware that I keep every white blouse and red t-shirt that I've ever bought, because I tend to buy more generic clothes than trendy clothes.  And why part with items that are still in good shape and not necessarily out of style? 

Over the past 6 months, I have been endlessly pricing and researching custom closet options.  The closet in our master bedroom was in a sad state when we moved in. 
The biggest issues:
  • It's a long closet (which is a plus), with two mirrored sliding doors, which I sort of hate.  It means you can only ever see one half of the closet at a time.  The doors are also heavy and come off the track easily, because  the top track and bottom track are not aligned properly.  My preference would have been for swinging doors - about 4 - so that you can open up all or none, to see however much of the closet you want at a time.
No matter where you slide them, the doors are always in the way.
  • It's not very deep.  One half of the closet has hanging rods which are only 11" out from the wall, and allow hangers to fit behind the closet doors.  But the other half of the closet had a rod 14" out from the wall, which causes the hangers to hang past the track of the door... causing a real mess every time I try to push the doors to that half.
No hanger clearance
  • Pure lack of shelving space.  I have a LOT of t-shirts, jeans, knit tops etc., that I prefer folding than hanging.  But this closet had an extreme lack of shelving space.  And my real pet peeve is that the little shelving that there is, is right in the middle of the closet, and no matter which side of the closet you move the doors to, the shelves are always at least partially covered.

I had meetings with California Closets, Komandor Closets, Closets by Design, etc. etc. etc.  We investigated swinging doors, bi-fold doors, and all kinds of great interiors.  I also investigated do-it-yourself closets at Solutions.  The biggest issue with all of these (apart from costs, which are in the thousands of dollars), is most of them couldn't give me hanging rods 11" out, like the existing ones.  I think Komandar had a solution for that, but only if we tore out the wall above the closet and really reconfigured the whole wall (and our bank account).

So today, while shopping at Home Depot, we checked out their closet solutions too.  We wanted a temporary fix, because things are starting to fall apart.  AND, as you can see from the photos above, I have clothes all over the room.  It really is driving me nuts.

We found this Martha Stewart closet, that sort of resembles what I wanted to achieve in the long run:
Ideally, what I've been looking for, is 3 sections:  A left shelving section, a right double-hang section, and in the middle, a full-hang section, for dresses.  These could be tucked in that middle section that is always covered by one door or another, since I look at long dresses left often.  Plus, the hangers could be pushed to whatever side is open.

When we looked at this Martha Stewart option, we wondered if we could move the two long dividers to the left for the full shelving section, and then move the two short dividers to the right for the hanging rods.

The pre-drilled holes for the hanging rods are, as per usual, 14" out from the wall.  But Matt talked me into believing we could drill our own holes wherever we want.

So we brought this configuration (along with a few extra long shelves) home, and decided to be weekend warriors.  It took a LONG time for us to find studs.  We also had to run out just before Home Depot closed for the night, to buy a hacksaw (to cut the rail that this all hangs on).  We also had a LOT of holes to patch.  And I'm wishing we painted the closet before installing.  But once the end is in sight, it's hard to slow down!

And we did it.  Ta-da!

Pretty much exactly what I wanted, but for about $300, instead of $3,000.  Of course, I still have the doors I hate, but that suddenly seems like so much less of a problem.

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