Monday, March 14, 2011

When it rains, it pours

When we bought our house, we bought it with the knowledge that the vendors had done some extensive waterproofing to the East wall of the house.  Many of the houses we looked at in the area had wet basements, so we knew this could be an issue, but took comfort in knowing that the problem had already been dealt with at our house.  We knew the exterior had been done by the vendor and a neighbour.  Then, within the year before we bought the house, they had also hired a waterproofing company to do the interior of the same wall - adding a membrane to the inside wall and directing any water down to a trough below the floor.  I was a bit unclear as to why they would have to do the interior after having done the exterior already, but an email from the vendor stated:

"We had a downspout draining at the side of the house by the door. We think that's why the water came in. That downspout has since been moved. We only got the interior done because we were reading  that basements that had been lowered (the basement has been dug out previously) could get moisture under the footings and we wanted to prevent any problems.  There has been no water or moisture ever since."

There is only one section of that interior wall that wasn't done - the portion that is in the TV room.  I presumed this was because they had not had any trouble with water in that room.

Well, on Sunday, in the midst of our little bathroom makeover, we noticed that the carpet in the TV room was a bit damp in one spot.  We initially thought it might have been some water spillage from the wallpaper trough.  We also feared that we had damaged a bathroom pipe while replacing the toilet, as the damp spot in the TV room is just on the other side of the wall from the toilet.

But today, when we returned home from work to find the basement REALLY wet, we realized it is a leak.  Not fun!  We've had some mild weather, lots of snow melting, and also some rain, so this is obviously runoff from outside.  The carpet and under-padding are soaked through, so we've had to pull them back.  We've set up fans, heaters, we've sprinkled baking soda everywhere to soak up some of the dampness.... and we've been going nuts with the ShamWows trying to get the water out of the carpet.

We've put a call in to the company who did the waterproofing - the portion they did throughout the rest of the basement is under warranty.  Of course, I doubt that will help with this new leak, but we'll at least start with them since they have some knowledge of what's been done to the house.  They may also be able to shed some light on why this one section is the only room not done on the interior?  But first, we have to wait for them to return our calls - voicemail states that they are on March Break!  And there is rain in the forecast this week.

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