Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dry as a bone!

So you may remember that last month we had a wet basement.

I feared what might be necessary to do the repair - I wasn't sure if our entire basement would have to be torn apart, if the walls would have to come down, the floor ripped out, a sump pump installed... I really had no idea.

After getting three different quotes, we felt the best option was to redo the waterproofing that had already been done on the outside wall.  It had be done before by the previous owner of the house and a neighbour, but that really doesn't mean that it was done right or done well.  And while there are many options for waterproofing the house from the inside, the consensus leads us to believe that the problem should really be prevented from the outside, rather than letting get through the wall and then trying to keep it out.

One thing we were pleasantly surprised to learn, is that most of these companies offered a warranty on the work.  That was one of several factors that helped us decide to go with the same company who had already done some waterproofing in our house (a different section of the wall, on the inside).  We also felt that having two different companies, with two different warranties, would make it very tricky later if we had a problem (we could picture them both saying "that's not on our side"), so we wanted to keep it simply with one company doing all the work.

We ended up being very happy with them.  We have a flagstone and gravel walkway up the side of the house.  They carefully removed all that before digging, and they laid out the stone in our backyard in such a way that they could transfer it back the way it was.  They also graded the walkway a little when they were done, to slope the water away from the house as much as possible.  They were very neat, quick, and agreeable.

So happy to have that done!

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