Monday, May 23, 2011

Eating in the forest

What do most brides do a week before the wedding?  Finalize seating plans?  Assemble guest favours?  Write speeches?   Undertake a fairly significant home improvement project?

Because that is what I decided to do 7 days before our wedding! 

I woke up on Saturday feeling that our house was not quite at the decorative state that I would have liked it to be in, considering the wedding photographer would be taking all our "getting ready" pictures at our house the following week.

Matt and I laid in bed talking about it, and somehow we spontaneously decided to go ahead with the task, so I jumped out of bed and headed straight for Home Depot.  Luckily, we had wallpapered our basement bathroom just a few short months before, so this time at least we knew what supplies we needed, and roughly how to go about the task.  I should point out that although it was a spontaneous decision to wallpaper that day, I had been considering it for months.  I had two samples - one damask and one of trees - that I had been agonizing over.  But on this apparently very decisive day, we decided to go for the trees, without so much as a hmm or a hah.

Before we started, I said to Matt, "what are we going to do if we HATE it, and the wedding is in one week?".  He assured me that if that was the case, he'd call all the groomsmen over to strip the paper and paint the wall.  That was pretty good assurance, so I was willing to go ahead with the risk!

In my experience (and hopefully I am not alone in this), no home project is complete without at least 2-3 trips to the store!  This project was no exception.  I honestly did go to Home Depot three times that day.  Even though I was very careful to make sure I bought all the rolls of paper from the same Dye Lot #, there were two very different batches, so I bought two roles of each to see how they looked in our house, and later returned the spares.  Additionally, one little error in cutting put us into a third roll - causing another quick run to Home Depot, and a lot of extra wallpaper.

It was so worth it though!  The wallpaper looks amazing.

It was a relatively easy project to do, since it was just one wall and nothing really to cut around except the edge of a window sill. And I love how it looks!  It was only after we put it up, that I realized how nicely it ties the living room and dining room together.  The branches in the paper are dark grey (which matches the table legs and the dining room chairs) and gold (which really looks great beside our light-coloured wood floors).  The background colour is a silvery colour, which goes great with our grey couch.  And the tree motif (which I ALWAYS love) compliments the leaf-patterned chairs in our living room.

As an added bonus, my brother pointed out how cool our silverware looks in the room - we had registered for these settings from Crate & Barrel:
The handles look like tree branches!


  1. I LOVE your wallpaper...reminds me of this one which I'm trying to convince my mom to put in the powder room or guest bedroom of the cottage.

  2. did you get that awesome font in your blog header? Making a good header is something that still eludes me...

  3. Yes I am very familiar with that wallpaper, I LOVE it!! They have it in a few different colours too. But the Home Depot version was a little more on my budget!

    As for the header - it was a bit of a makeshift process - I created a text box in MS Word and inserted my photo into the document. I aligned them together, and the copied the whole thing to the "Paint" program on a PC and then saved it as a JPEG. I'm sure there is way better ways, but this is not the first time I've done something in a completely roundabout way, haha! P.S. I downloaded the font from a free download site. I'm obsessed with downloading great fonts!