Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The floodgates open again

A year ago, we tried very hard to book our wedding for May 28th of this year.  The venue we really wanted wasn't available that weekend, and so we were married 2 weeks ago instead.

I can't tell you how happy I am that our wedding was not May 28th!

On May 27th, Matt and I arrived home from work with the intentions of heading right back out again - we were supposed to go away for the weekend.  I went down to the basement to get some laundry... and lo and behold, the basement is wet.  Again.  We've had a lot of rain, and it seems the waterproofing that was recently done outside was not enough to keep the water out.

We called the company that did the work, so relieved that this is under warranty.  They were amazing - they showed up early Saturday morning, and got right to work.  Their thinking was that the water came around the footings and up the inside of the wall.  So they dug out the basement floor (about 1' in width, the entire length of the TV room wall), and put in new weeping tiles, and whatever else it is that needed to be done.  They were great about blocking off the area with tarps and plastic, so that the entire house didn't get covered in cement dust.  They re-laid the cement, and were on their way.   We still had a very wet basement to deal with, but we felt pretty good about the situation.  So we went away for the night.

When we came home on Sunday, the cement was still drying, as we were told it would be.  But it seemed more wet than it should.  We realized that there was still a little leak and a small trail of water coming out from where the wall meets the floor.  The water was pooling on top of the cement.

We got the guys back, and this time they decided to waterproof from the inside - the one thing we were avoiding doing.  I've had a few people (not experts) tell me that waterproofing both inside and outside is not wise, because the water can get trapped and ruin the foundation.  Is there any truth in that?  I'm not entirely concerned about that, since they have provided the water a proper trough to drain.  So they have put the waterproofing membrane on the interior wall, covering about 1.5' of the bottom of the wall.  This meant removing drywall from the wall.

The carpet, which has really taken a beating through this process, is a mess, and I wonder if it will ever look the same again.

The carpet looking worse for wear

Some of the trim around the doorframe to the TV room is water damaged.  And now we have to replace the drywall and paint.  Unless we make that one wall a feature wall with a different colour, then we'll have to paint the entire TV room so that the all the walls match again.  It's pretty disheartening.  The room seemed so fine the way it was when we moved in, and now it feels like a big mess.

We're reluctant to do the drywall right away, as we want to really see if it stays dry this time.  But how long can we wait?  I've never found myself hoping for a huge rainfall until now!

And I'm SOOOO glad that wasn't our wedding weekend!!

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