Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Exploring the Humber River

This past Sunday, Matt and I finally took advantage of a gift we'd received for our wedding - a 2-hour kayak tour of the Humber River.  We've had a busy summer and this was the earliest date we were able to book for.  After a week of brisk, fall-like temperatures, we feared that it would be too cold for our liking.  But we lucked out and got a gorgeous, sunny, warm day!

It was so neat to explore this area of the city that neither of us had ever really seen.  The funny thing is, we live just minutes away from the Humber River, but really knew nothing about it, other than the fact that we sometimes ride over it on our bikes in the summer.

We started up at Bloor Street, and winded down towards a Marsh (just near the placemarker on the map below), and then headed back up.  We were with a group of about 25 people, of varying skill levels, so that took the full 2 hours. At some point, I might like to go a little beyond the Marsh, and see what the river is like as it approaches Lake Ontario.

The narrow river is only about ankle-deep for much of the distance, and not much more than that for the balance.  On this particular day, there was virtually no current, and it was the most quiet, peaceful little oasis.  We spotted several fishermen, and we were told that most are getting ready for the anticipated salmon run, but that a variety of other fish are often caught as well. 

Another surprise was the Toronto Humber Yacht Club.  Although we didn't see any big yachts, the club did have quite a few big boats docked.  I'm not sure how easy it would be for these boats to navigate the shallow waters of the river, but I imagine when the water is deep enough, these boats head straight out for Lake Ontario. 

We also spotted several private docks and boathouses which were in private backyards.  I had no idea that any homes backed onto the Humber River, so it was so neat to discover this.  One home had a "For Sale" sign on it's dock.  Of course, curiosity got the better of me, and I looked it up when I got home.  It is priced at $1.69 million for 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a "Temperature Controlled Boathouse With Deck And Wet Bar".  When I looked at it on a map (since I lost all sense of direction and location on the river), I realized it's only blocks from our house.  I had no idea this existed in our neighbourhood!

Photo credit: - MLS #W2198249

Photo credit: - MLS #W2198249
This was a great wedding gift - a nice way to spend time together, and a relaxing activity that allowed us to explore the city.  Thank you to the gift-givers!

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  1. Sounds amazing...and very familiar!! Josh and I started rowing (skulling to be exact) on the South Saskatchewan River a few weeks ago, and we noticed the same thing - there are these BEAUTIFUL homes on the river, probably upwards of $1 million as well. I'm an MLS snoop too - whenever I see a great place for sale I'll look on MLS...even when I know it's totally out of my league ;)