Friday, September 16, 2011

The light goes on... and then off!

A little while after we moved into our house, we found that a lot of the light bulbs in the house were burning out, and we were replacing a ton of bulbs. 

In our basement TV room, there are 6 pot lights, and about 4 or 5 of them went out right away.  But we figured that those bulbs must have all been put in at the same time, and had now reached the end of their life.  So we didn't really think twice about that.  But in the past few weeks, I've noticed some of them going out again. 

There are light fixtures in our bedroom and the office, that each hold 3 bulbs.  Sometime in the past year, I replaced two of the bedroom bulbs and all three in the office.  Now 1 is out in the bedroom, and 2 in the office.  At least *some* of these have to be the same bulbs I already replaced!

The kitchen has a set of halogen track lights with 4 bulbs - at least 2 or 3 of those have been replaced in the past year.  And the same type of track in the bathroom has had at least one bulb go.  I've also replaced both bulbs in our stove's hood fan.

And in the basement hallway, I've replaced the same bulb - twice. 

I buy average quality bulbs.  And since the house has a variety of different types of light fixtures, I don't think this is a small coincidence - because this is happening with halogens, incandescents, pot lights, floodlights, etc. etc. etc.

This leads me to wonder - what is wrong!?  Could this be an electrical problem with our house?  I will be honest - I really know nothing about all the fancy electrical terminology.  But I do know that our inspector thought our electricity was current and up to standard.  I think we have 100 amp service?  So is this normal, or should I be calling in an electrician?

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