Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our new old dishwasher

When we moved into our house last summer, one of the first things we noticed was that the interior of our dishwasher was a bit of a mess, and that the racks had rusted quite a bit.  In fact, they had rusted so much, that some of the prongs were entirely gone - making it a bit difficult to prop up plates and glasses.  The racks had also deteriorated in some places, leaving sharp edges, and making me nervous that dishes could get chipped mid-wash. 
Tops of the prongs were all coming off; I've jabbed my fingers on these a few times.  

Just some of the rusted and deteriorated parts

Grungy and rusty at the door hinge
Rusted and deteriorated

I investigated, and buying new racks isn't really cost effective.  So we've been contemplating buying a brand new dishwasher.

And then last week, I was talking with a coworker about how great Craigslist can be for getting rid of old stuff when you move into a new home.  He was telling me how he'd listed all his kitchen appliances for sale, since he was completely renovating the kitchen in his new house and had purchased all new appliances.  He said "if you know anyone looking for any kitchen appliances...." and I piped up that I could stand to use a new dishwasher.  So he offered it to me - for free!

I'll be honest - my first hunch was to stay 'no thanks'.  It's such a nice offer, but I was tempted by the idea of buying a shiny, new dishwasher.  So I asked Matt, who is sometimes more practical than I am, and he couldn't see any reason not to take it.  We'd be no further behind than we are right now.  And in fact, we'd be saving at least a few hundred dollars that we didn't really need to spend at all.

So we borrowed Matt's Dad's van on Saturday and picked up the dishwasher.  Well - what a pleasant surprise - the dishwasher is in great shape.  Probably about the same age as the one in our house (a few years), but with no rust!  As a bonus, some of the prongs in the new one are on hinges that fold up or lay down flat, so you can reconfigure the racks to accommodate large pots, platters, or bowls. 

Matt went right to work and removed the old dishwasher himself.  But after removing all the pipes and hoses, we realized that the electrical was not as simple as a quick plug-in.  There was some wiring to be done.  We wondered whether we could do it, or whether we should call someone in to complete the installation.   We both felt frustrated thinking about paying someone far more than is reasonable for something that might actually be so simple - especially since we really believed we could do the majority of the installation ourselves.

YouTube to the rescue!  Matt did a little video research, and figured it all out!  I'm not going to lie - I wasn't the best wife - I actually had a little nap during the process and missed some of the steps... so I'm not as skilled at dishwasher installation as I would like to be.  But I'm so proud of Matt for figuring out how to do it himself!

We now have a rust-free dishwasher, albeit a little louder than the last (despite being called a "QuietPower").  Thanks to my coworker!

Now I just wonder if anyone on Craigslist would like to buy a rusty old dishwasher...

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