Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Crafting and "Pinspiration"

Lately, my friend and I have been emailing each other non-stop with Christmas/holiday crafting ideas.  It's a bit out of control.  We are very aware of the facts that our ideas are far bigger than our own crafting abilities.  And more often than not, we see a great idea, but end up buying a version made by someone else rather than doing it ourselves.  But we really think it would be fun to spend a Saturday afternoon getting in the holiday spirit by making some DIY decorations and eating holiday treats.

If I had a little more faith in us than I do, I would wait and do a post-crafting blog post to show off all our finished products.  But for fear that that might never happen, I've decided to just share some of our ideas with you instead!  If there is no follow-up post, then you can guess how it went!

Here are just a few of the many festive ideas we've had:
  • Christmas napkins.  At a brunch I hosted recently, my friend and I examined the Crate & Barrel napkins that Matt & I got from our wedding registry, and we realized "this is just a square of a cotton fabric with a hem... we can do this!"  I'm thinking something in a Buffalo Plaid would be rustic and modern, but still so wintery and Christmas-y. 
I love the fabric of this tablecloth.  Festive but modern!

  • White figurines.  I have an affinity for all things white lately.  I am seeing white birds, owls and reindeer everywhere, and I love them!  I recently saw a blog post on BetterAfter (amazing site!) about this creative woman who sprayed some old owls white, and what a great outcome!  So I thought I could take it one step further, and do this with some Christmas figurines... I'm thinking snowmen, reindeer, Santas, you name it!  Doesn't everything look more chique and clean when it's white?  I'm excited to check out Value Village and Goodwill for some tacky Christmas figurines to make cool again!
Papier Mache Reindeer from West Elm

The awesome owl makeover as featured on

  • Napkin rings: Obviously if we're going to make napkins, we're going to need napkin rings!  My friend found these on Pinterest as inspiration, and I think they could be made in a variety of colours for different occasions.  A metallic gold might be nice for Christmas? 

  • Yarn wreaths: If you're on Pinterest, you're probably thinking "yarn wreaths are SO last year".... Well I think so too.... except I started mine last year, and just have to finish it!  I am actually so incredibly close to finishing it that it's a bit painful thinking about the fact it's been sitting in my house unfinished for a year.  
  • Stockings: Stockings to me seem like something so full of tradition and meaning.  All my life, I've always had the same stocking, and it was part of a set that my Mom made for our family.  Now, in our first year of marriage, I can't help but think that Matt and I should start our own stocking tradition.  And rather than each of us bringing our own stockings to our new home, I'd like to make some new ones.  (If you saw his, you would understand!  It's one of those 3-feet tall red velour ones that they sell at all the bargain stores).  How beautiful are these stockings, which I found on Pinterest?

  • Mason jar snow globes:  I saw these at Anthropologie, and while I am usually too very supportive of Anthropologie's bottom line, I do think that these could be made for a fraction of the price.  I have an entire cupboard of empty mason jars, so it's really just a matter of adding a decoration and some glittery snow.  I think they're pretty!

Stay tuned to find out if we do make any of these great ideas!  I just love the way Christmas decorations change the whole feeling of our house and really make me enjoy being home during the holidays.  We are getting our tree next week!  

Does anyone have any great suggestions for fun upbeat versions of Christmas songs to listen to while we decorate?  

And is anyone working on any similar projects?


  1. I just discovered - they have some great Christmas mixes. We've been listening to it at work on our laptops, and I just downloaded the app on our ipad (although it's an iphone app). It's basically a place where people create their own mixes and you can listen for free (but you can only fast forward over one song per hour...or something like that). The mix called 'Feliz Navidad' is a fav (some great oldies like Bing Crosby), and 'Indie Christmas' has some great tunes - like Zooey Deschanel's 'baby it's cold outside' from Elf. It's actually quite an addictive site!

  2. ...and that owl bookend makeover is fabulous! I need to find me some owls to spray paint!