Thursday, December 8, 2011

'Tis the Season... to buy tenants gifts?

With the holidays upon us, and my Christmas shopping in full swing, I have been thinking about our tenant, and wondering whether it is appropriate to give them a small gift of good tiding.

My thinking is that our tenant has been very agreeable thus far, and prompt with rent, so we would like to show our appreciation with just a small token.  This is a time of year where my workplace is flooded with gift baskets, boxes of chocolate, and bottles of wine, all sent to us by other companies trying to maintain a good business relationship.  I feel it would be a similarly nice gesture to foster the tenant-landlord relationship. 

I am fairly certain that our tenant celebrates Christmas, but I don't want to make that assumption and buy a Christmas-specific gift.  I tend to lean towards more consumable/practical gifts, since I really can't predict personal tastes. 

Some of the ideas I've thought of so far, are:
  • Box of chocolates
  • Movie passes
  • Bottle of wine - unsure whether the tenant drinks though
  • Tin of Kernel's popcorn
What do you think of these ideas?  Which would you personally choose, if you had a choice?  I'm open to other suggestions as well! 

Another question I have, is how can I make it clear that the tenant need not reciprocate?  This is really just a gesture of "thanks", and I don't want to make the tenant uncomfortable.

Landlords - what have you done before?  And tenants - what would be the ideal for you?


  1. My first pick would be the bottle of wine, but as you're not sure if they drink, the next best pressie would be the movie passes. I've met some (strange) people who don't like chocolate (my husband included) but almost everyone likes movies. My 2 cents :)

  2. And I think that given the relationship (landlord/tenant) they shouldn't feel obligated to reciprocate...just like when you give a gift to a client, you don't expect one in return.

  3. We ended up giving movie passes. I think it was the best choice!