Thursday, December 22, 2011

I can't believe I did it!

When I posted about Christmas crafts a few weeks ago, I really didn't think I'd get to any of them.

I'm happy to report that I've got a few finished products to show off!

First of all, I finished the yarn wreath that I never thought I'd finish.  It was really only a matter of gluing on the leafy/branch thing, but I did it, and I am happy with the outcome.  The funny thing is, I started it over a year ago, and at the time we hadn't yet wallpapered our dining room.  So I had no idea how close the colour scheme was to the wallpaper we put up in May.  It's almost like camouflage.

Next up, I created a whole slew of snow globes a-la-Anthropologie.  I had some delays on these, because I had to purchase new lids for all the jars (the lids that came with the jars said Classico all over them).  Also, I found that everything I put in the jar was hiding behind the neck of the jar.  It took me awhile to come up with a solution, but I eventually boosted the lids up in height with some corrugated cardboard covered in cotton batting.  I also used cardboard platforms to vary the heights and positioning of the trees.

I love the one that I created with the little fawn.

These jars look very sweet mixed with a few jars holding just tealight candles - it definitely gives it a magical, glistening appearance.

And one thing I'm most proud of, is the new stockings I made for Matt and I.  In-keeping with my current love for all things buffalo-plaid, I made one with the red buffalo plaid, and another with a white variation.

The cuffs are black velvet, they are lined with coordinating gingham, and I even figured out how to add cute pom-pom trim.  I am pretty proud of myself for starting AND finishing these so quickly, and it really warmed me up to my sewing machine too.  Now I can't wait to try more sewing projects!

And I should mention the napkins I was so determined to make:

I will admit.... there just happened to be a great sale on at the Bay, and for less than $2.50 each, I couldn't resist buying 8 of these plaid napkins... So okay, I cheated on these, but how great are they!?  They totally fit the bill.

So there you have it!  I didn't think this post would even exist.  Thanks to all you other crafty bloggers and "Pinners" who were so inspiring!


  1. OM flippin' G! Those snow globes are perfection, and the stockings are adorable! Bravo Mary!! Where did you find the trees and the fawn to put in the snow globes? I need to steal this idea next year...

  2. Thanks julie!!! I was able to knock off so many snow globes in a short amount of time, it was so satisfying! I got the fawn from Michael's (in the kids' toy animal section), and the trees came in a pack of 20 for about $7 at Home Depot in the States. Michael's had the same package, but for about 3 times the price. But I bet at this time of year they'd be on clearance!

    I love my new stockings! Matt of course feels that they should be bigger, hah!

  3. I don't think stockings should be too big. They are just a little sampler for the kids. Perhaps they should be relative to the size of the kid? Is Matt a big kid?

    The snow globes are great. Well done!