Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm dreaming of a new bedroom

When we moved into our house, we had two Queen-size beds between the two of us.  One is simply a frame with no headboard or anything really, so it went to the guest room in the basement.  The other is an IKEA Malm bed with the attached night tables.  My thinking was that the retro look of it suited the house, and it would be okay for our bedroom.

Well, we've been living with it for over a year now, and I hate it.  It just really brings me no joy at all.  I hate how low the headboard is, and the bed itself is only knee-high too. I just feel that the whole room feels cold, stubby, and unwelcoming.

So I've had it in my head for months now, that I would like a taller, upholstered headboard.  I hope it will soften the room a bit. 

I also want to replace the night tables with some new tables (or new-old tables) that allow you to see the floor, and the wall behind.  The tables attached to the Malm really block off the wall, and I prefer a more open look.

This room that I came across is almost exactly what I have in mind:

I love the dark accent wall and the white night table.  The bed looks a lot like a bed I liked at Crate & Barrel.

I love the bold yellow colour of this one at Urban Outfitters:

But I would worry that the colour would be too limiting over time.  So I am more likely to stick to a neutral colour.

I am also drawn to beds with a wing-back look to them, or some sort of wrap-around headboard.  I can just imagine cuddling up in the corner of this one (from Restoration Hardware) with cozy pillows and a good book:

West Elm also has a version, albeit boxier:

And even Sears has a version:

But my #1 contender at this point (for availability in Canada, fit, and budget), is the "Scroll" headboard from West Elm.  In the US there are tons of choices for colour and fabrics.  In Canada we're limited to a Dove Grey velvet or Natural basketweave, and I'd be happy with either!

Again, I love the dark accent wall - I'm thinking slate grey for us.  And I also love the white night table.  For those, I'm considering doing some Kijiji/Craigslist refurbishments - I'm always so inspired by the finished products I see on others' blogs.

And I can't WAIT to choose bedding.  I have a serious love for bedding... that will have to be a whole other post on its own.

As I understand it, the Malm bed can't be attached to a standard headboard.  So I'm on the hunt for a new affordable bed frame. I'd like the bed to be a bit higher than the one we currently have.  And I prefer a platform bed with space for storage underneath.  My only other criteria is that it needs to be visually appealing without a bed skirt.  I don't mind bed skirts, but I like the option of not having to use one.  Anyone have any suggestions where I should start my search for a cheap bed frame that meets all the criteria?

....now excuse me, but after all this talk about beds, I think I'll go visit mine!

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