Sunday, January 8, 2012

I must have been good in 2011!

I got the headboard I so desperately wanted!  Remember, this one?

It's currently sitting in a (HUGE) box at my in-laws' house, as that's where Matt had it delivered so that it would remain a surprise until Christmas.  And a surprise it was!  He actually sent me into the dining room to "get napkins" and while I was in there counting out enough for our brunch, his Dad called in to me "were any presents left in that room?".  I don't know how I failed to notice that I was standing beside the largest box ever, leaning against the wall in shiny wrapping paper.  I must have been tired!

Anyway, needless to say, I was thrilled!  A beautiful, warm, cozy bedroom is in my near future. 

There are a few problems though:

1) We have to get the headboard from Matt's parents house to our house.  The men seem to think it can be tied to the roof of my father-in-law's van.  I'm leaning towards renting a U-Haul for an hour or two, because I don't like the idea of my brand new beautiful headboard flying across the Gardiner Expressway.

2) We need a new bedframe, since the new headboard can't be attached to our current IKEA Malm bed.  I want something that's high enough off the ground to store stuff under.  And we only have a matress (no boxspring), so it has to be a platform/slat bed.  It also has to be nice enough to not require a bed skirt/dust ruffle.  They're okay, but I like the option of not having one.  The only suitable frame I've found so far, is this one, from West Elm:
"Tall Wood Bed Frame" from West Elm. Roughly $320 CDN. 15" tall.
Our mattress is not very high, but the one in the picture below looks comparable, and it still looks nice!  I like this darker colour too (it comes in two different colours: "chocolate" and "barley").

A bedframe like this is going to run us another $360+ with taxes though.  I thought by choosing just a headboard, that we'd save some money, but I guess I was wrong!  Does anyone have an alternative suggestion for where to find strong but budget-friendly bedframes in Toronto?

3) Our old bed had night tables attached to it, so as soon as we get rid of that bed, we are night-table-less. 

I really loved the idea of white nightables against a dark feature wall.  So as soon as I received the bed, I started scouring Kijiji listings for something I could work with.  I ended up buying two grubby old night tables which I HOPE I can turn into something great.   I'm already having doubts.

4) We have to find a new home for the old Malm bed.  It's not in the best shape, but it's definitely not dump material yet.

I better get moving on all this, as I'm sure Matt's parents would like their dining room back!


  1. I'm pretty sure we lead parallel lives! Our Colette Bed FINALLY arrived from C&B a few weeks ago. Since we also had the Malm bed, we needed new nightstands too - and the Malm was moved to the guest bedroom. I'm looking for one mirrored nightstand - just did a quick blog post about it. And I went with an accent table for my side of the bed.

    My mom is going through the same process as you as she needs a bed for a spare bedroom- she really likes some of the upholstered headboards at West Elm, but most don't come with the bedframe - as you already know!

    Has CB2 opened in Toronto yet? I don't see any standalone bed frames on their site, but maybe their stores have a bit more selection then their website??

    Those nighttables will be fab with a fresh coat of paint and some new knobs/pulls! Good luck!

  2. My mom has the exact same table, excited to see how it turns out. I might need to steal hers away.

  3. We are now considering having a bed made? We'll see where we get with that....

    Julie - very exciting that your bed arrived! I saw the pictures on your blog, and it looks amazing! SOOO much nicer than the Malm!

    Thanks for the good wishes on the table... I'm having some challenges, so we shall see!