Sunday, January 22, 2012

My kind of day

Today Matt and I had what I declared was "such a fun day!".  Matt maybe didn't feel quite as enamoured with the activities as I did, but he was pretty obliging.  It might have helped that we started the day with a delicious brunch.  One of my favourite weekend activities.

It was fun, because after brunch, we checked out the MUCH-anticipated and long-awaited CB2 store that opened at Queen & Bathurst, in the old Big Bop space.  The official grand opening was yesterday, but the store was still jam-packed with eager furniture buyers today, and it was difficult to see the goods through the crowds.

It's no secret that I already love CB2, especially since that is where I found the perfect dining room table for our tiny little home.

But this is the first CB2 store to open in Toronto, and it was nice to finally see some of the accessories and furnishings in person, since I've ogled over them online for ages.  Here are just a few of the things I loved:

At the store, these stacking ring vases were displayed with ferns
 wrapped through them, and it looked so simple and beautiful.

Perfect colours for our living room.

I thought these yellow towels would look amazing
in our entirely black & white bathroom.

Matt wanted these bulletin boards for over our
soon-to-be basement desk

I came away with a picture frame, which is far less damage than I could have done to my bank account!  We'll be hanging a wedding photo in it.

After CB2, we decided to check out West Elm bed frames.  We figured the crowds there would be far smaller, since everyone in the city was at CB2!  We were right.

But enroute to West Elm, we noticed Open House signs for some of the new condo buildings in Liberty Village.  I'm always curious to see what is available in that neighbourhood, since that is where our rental condo is.  Since we weren't in a rush, we decided to check out what was available.  First we visited a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo with parking and 2 east-facing balconies, listed for $494,000.  Then we visited a 500-square foot studio with parking, locker, and a Juliette balcony overlooking the highway, listed for $275,000.  Both were in buildings with a pool, a gym, and lots of other great amenities.  It was so much fun to see what works and doesn't work with each of the layouts, and what your money will get you in the neighbourhood.  It's so interesting to compare how our condo compares, and also to see the value of the area improving.

After all that fun, Matt made Sloppy Joe's for dinner, and we relaxed in front of a movie while we ate.  My kind of day!


  1. So so so SO jealous of you right now. I've never set foot in a CB2, but have lusted over their stuff online for ages. Did you happen to see this coffee table? I've been eyeing it up but the mixed reviews make me nervous. Did you see the knitted poufs? Slightly obsessed with them....

  2. YES! I did see that table. I actually did a double-take and checked it out as I was leaving the store. It's very sleek and classy! I like that it could fit in with a wide array of different decor styles. I also saw the poufs, and was drawn to those, but found that they were a bit on the small size. I was tempted to get one as a footstool for our living room, but Matt was my voice of reason... thank god.... otherwise I would have had an empty bank account after leaving there!