Sunday, January 29, 2012

The week we were ALMOST on Sarah Richardson's "Design 101"

Last week, I signed into Facebook and saw this post by "Sarah's House" (you know, as in the one and only, incredibly-talented, continues-to-amaze-me, Sarah Richardson) in my newsfeed:

Do you live in Toronto? Sorry to all the US/Aus/International fans.... Do you have an awful, dated, drab room that needs some help from Sarah 101? We're looking for our very last episode of the season, and need a single room that is cluttered and chaotic, with no cohesive design vision, and that requires a DECORATING makeover (no renovation, no combined rooms (like lr/dr)). Send room photos, your budget, and a wish list to ASAP! Good luck!

After a quick moment of panic, and I searched my computer for ANY photos of our basement, found one, and quickly sent off an email.  When I see "ASAP", I don't mess around.

Almost 100 people commented on that post, and most within the first 2 hours or so.  So I figured they'd be getting seriously bombarded by emails too.  Well, much to my surprise, I got a response.   I was sent an application form, and was again asked to send that back "ASAP" too.  Agh!

I got to work on the 4-page document very quickly, and pleaded my case for how badly our basement needed some love and attention.  In response to what would make the episode interesting, I had lots of draws - tight stairwell, low ceiling, potential water problem means nothing goes on the floor.  I pointed out how relevant all of this is to so many urban-dwellers, especially those in older homes, who have attempted to turn their basement into additional living space.

I also quickly took a bunch more photos of the basement so that I could send more angles.

I figured my application would be lost in the masses, and didn't even expect a "thank you", so I was very surprised when I got a response that it had been "passed on to Sarah and her design team".  Seriously?  That threw me into another panic, just knowing that Sarah Richardson herself might be looking at pictures of MY house!?!

Well I didn't hear back from them over the weekend, and so I decided to write and ask for an update on the Monday.  I really was skeptical - I still presumed I was one of hundreds of applications.  So you can imagine how surprised I was, when I got another response, this time telling me that we had not been chosen.... but that ours had been put forward with TWO others, and a different applicant was chosen.  TWO???  Only TWO???  We were THAT close?  I couldn't believe it.  I almost wish I heard we were put forward with 167 others, because then I would know I really didn't stand a chance.

So last week goes down as the week I was THISCLOSE to having my basement TV Room/Office designed by Sarah Richardson.

That sentence doesn't even sound real, does it?

In honour of almost transpired, here are a few of my favourite Sarah Richardson projects:

You've seen what this woman can do to a laundry room... I don't even want to think what she could have done to our basement TV room!

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