Thursday, February 23, 2012

A flaw in my plans

My plans for the basement office are coming together.  I think we've settled on the base cabinets and the desk surface.  The upper cabinets/shelving are still up for debate, and the wall colour is still a huge dilemma. 

But I realized there's something pretty important we oughta do before we start painting the wall and building things into place.  Have a look at the picture of this wall and try and guess what the problem might be.

No?  Not sure yet.

Let me give you some hints:

Ah yes!  Where does one plug in all these gazillion electrical devices that would be used in an office?

Unfortunately I thought of this AFTER we patched all the drywall from the waterproofing repair.  But at least I thought of it before we painted!  Ideally, we will have a few outlets right in the middle of this wall.  We plan to have them a few feet off the ground - either just below or just above the desk.  That  way, it will be easy to plug things in, and the socket will be above the potential (but hopefully never an issue again) "water level".

I talked to two different electricians.  One of them couldn't come for a quote, so I sent him this photo with notes via email to give him an idea of the situation:

Both electricians feel that we can feed electrical over from the nearest outlet.  One felt we'd have to patch all the drywall again in order to do it.  The other electrician suggested he could wire it over along the base of the wall, and when we put the baseboard back, it will hide the holes he has to create.  I'm much more partial to that idea!   I didn't love the idea of patching the already-patched drywall.

So our office plans are now on hold until we can get that electrician to come install the outlet.

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