Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Family Day!

Happy Family Day to those of you in Ontario!

The good news is, we finally got the hot water sorted out at the condo - it took until 11 pm on Wednesday night.  But we luckily didn't have to call in a plumber - I was right, the issue was with the boiler installation, and so the rental company did the repair.

So now that everything is in order at the condo, and with no real obligations or mandatory celebrations, I am really enjoying this free day off.  After rushing out for an early morning yoga class, I'm using the rest of the day to just relax at home - our dinner is in the slow cooker, and I'm doing some organizing, laundry, etc.

We were given a Costco membership as a Christmas gift this year, and we finally started to take advantage of it a few weeks ago.  But it means I know have to find room for things like 5-litre bottles of Palmolive dish detergent.   5 LITRES... for less than $9.00!  It's like they are practically giving it away!  I can totally see how Costco would turn people into hoarders.  

We also have enough ravioli to feed all of Italy.

I also have a new problem at home.  A certain brother of mine gave a certain husband of mine this wonderful birthday gift recently:

HELP!  It is ruining my beautiful home.  I am trying to figure out how to make it disappear.  But I've never seen anything bring Matt so much joy?!  My brother has offered to spray the entire thing gold and he thinks it will make it look "even nicer".  Matt, in an effort to appeal to my tastes, suggested that we could spray the whole thing glossy white.  I think he thinks that will make it fit in amongst the things I love, like my white owl lamp.

But it doesn't matter what colour Elvis is, every time I walk into the room, he gives me the heebie jeebies!  Has anyone else had to find a place for their spouse's ugly possessions?  Unfortunately we don't have a "man cave" for Matt in this house.... so how am I supposed to deal with this?

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  1. My first instinct was spray it white too. It might not stand out so much and could give it more of a Modern feel. I'm sure you're going to hate me fore saying this but I kinda like it... more so if it where white.