Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It goes from bad to worse

On Saturday, when I went to the condo to get the microwave fixed, I was talking to the tenant about the hot water and the heat, and feeling relieved that it all seemed to be working alright.
But then he told me that it's not. 

While the heat is working fine, the hot water is working inconsistently.  A few times since the boiler replacement, he'd had a shower that started as hot but turned to pure cold within a minute.  The problem happens sometimes but not all the time, and the sinks don't seem to be affected the same way the shower is. 

I called the highest up person I could reach at Reliance, on their personal cell phone, as that is who finally got me some progress last week.  But it wasn't until yesterday - Monday - before I got a call... from the contractor... not from Reliance.  The contractor feels that since there is hot water sometimes, that the issue is with my plumbing, not the boiler unit.  Are you kidding me??  Doesn't that seem a little too coincidental?

So the contractor is resisting coming out for service, feeling that it was outside of their scope of work.  I couldn't convince them to come last night, and now the next appointment they claim they can do is Wednesday evening. 

So the problem continues, and I am at my wits' end with both companies! 

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