Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Spin Cycle

Over the past few weeks, every time I ran the washing machine, it would start out fine - but by the time it got to the spin cycle, it sounded like a jetliner ready for takeoff.  It was actually a little bit comical.  But only a little bit.  Because the other half of me (the half that wasn't laughing about how exaggerated and aggressive it sounded), knew that this might mean the washing machine was dying.

Then, this past Saturday, I put our sheets on for a wash, and when the load ended, I found heavily soaked sheets that apparently had not gone through a spin-cycle.  So I set it back to the Rinse setting to give it another go.  But nothing.... it just sat there in that setting.

I was a little glum as we called around to find a repairman to come look at it.  A friend had a similar problem a few years ago, and was told that the cost to repair the machine would be more than the cost of a new machine.  There are so many things I would rather spend the money on (and that we're already spending money on!). 

Matt's a little more optimistic.  Not about the possibility of repair, but about the thought of a new machine.  He kept saying to me "this is your opportunity to get a cool front-loader!".  While that *does* sound nice, I prefer the idea of keeping the money and repairing this not-very-old-machine. 

Well we were lucky!   On Monday we had it repaired for just over $200.  Apparently it was a ball bearing that needed to be replaced. 

So we are back in business!

But all this talk of front loaders and pretty washing machines got me thinking about our laundry "nook", and wondering if we should beautify it a bit.  I'm always inspired by gorgeous laundry rooms with great tile and lots of cupboard space and folding counters.  But that's not realistic for our basement hallway.  So here's some inspiration I came across that suits our space:

I love the simple open shelving.  It seems to really work in a lot of the laundry nooks I like.


I also love how wallpaper changes the feel of a room:


How great is this fabric cover for the laundry tub?  I love the fabric choice.  Very fresh and vintage feeling.  I might have to do this!


And I noticed a lot of the photos I found had the laundry detergent in an apothecary jar.  Ingenious.  It looks SO much nicer than my big honkin' orange box of TIDE!

I'll have to post a picture of our own laundry area, so that you can see what I've got to work with.  Maybe I'll take one AFTER I clear away some of the laundry piles though!

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  1. Love the apothecary jar idea! So cute! I like all the open shelving in these pics - it adds so much more character than cupboards would. I know what I'm doing in our next house!