Monday, June 11, 2012

The beauty of moss

When we first visted our current house during an Open House, we thought the backyard patio looked great.  We liked that the previous owners had laid stone, creating a nice setting for table and chairs.  It's a pretty alternate to a deck.

And then we bought the house, and we realized what a pain in the you-know-what the stone is.  There is sand and gravel in between the patio stones....  or that's where it's supposed to be.  But instead, it ends up everywhere.  No amount of sweeping gets the sand and gravel back into the crevices.  Also, it's a haven for weeds.  The legs of chairs always seem to fall into the crevices, and it's NOT nice for walking barefoot.

So we're thinking that we want to grow some sort of ground cover or moss in between the crevices.   I love the way this looks!

I also love the use of succulents and other ground covers in the bigger gaps.  Something like this might be nice around edges and up the walkway along the side of the house, where the patio stones are way more spaced out (and the weeds even more plentiful).

This is the side of the house in all its glory right now.  Don't you love all the "greenery"?  hah!

Funny enough, we do have one tiny patch of moss to start with:  

I take this as a great sign that more moss is in my future!  

I really do love how simple and natural it is, and also how green it is!  Isn't it funny how pretty it can be? 

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  1. Love the inspiration pics Mary! That succulent lined pathway is gorgeous...makes me wish I had a green thumb...and a warm climate all year long!