Friday, December 21, 2012

Does Santa use front doors?

I LOVE our house.  I love the size of it, the layout, everything.  I already know I will be devastated when we decide to upsize, because I will miss our cute little first house.  But I do know it's likely that within the next few years we will outgrow this house and move onto something bigger.  With that in mind, I still check out Open Houses from time to time, just to see what's out there in the neighbourhood.

I recently visited a home for sale just a few streets away from us, and really loved it too, even though it could use some decorating and fix-ups.  But the house itself was a house I could picture us living in for years.  It was a side-split with 3+1 bedrooms, a large open-concept main floor, a family room in the basement, a huge backyard, lots of parking, a big deck off the dining room... and THREE wood-burning fireplaces.

If I had to tell you one thing I would change about our current house, it's that I always wish it had a fireplace (well actually, there are 2 things - I wish it had a walk-out to the backyard, but now I'm just pushing my luck).  Realistically, there is no room in our living room for a fireplace.  If we had one, it would mean all the furniture arrangements would have to change, and it would close the room off a lot more; I like how open it is right now.  But it's definitely on the wishlist for the next house, and I think that's one reason I loved that particular Open House so much.

Anyway, with a baby now on the way, it occurred to me that within the next few years, I'll be explaining to a little one about how Santa will be visiting our house, and how he'll...... well.... wait a minute now, how WILL he get into our house??  My childhood home had a fireplace, so I've never encountered this question before.

For those of you who grew up without a fireplace, please tell me!  How did Santa get into your house?  Was this a concern for you as a kid?

I think I have a few years before my future child will grasp the concept, and maybe by then we will have moved.  But in the meantime, I've been gawking over beautifully decorated fireplaces and mantles on Pinterest, Houzz, and blogs, and thought I'd share a few that I find especially festive and/or beautiful.

I guess I'm especially drawn to more modern fireplaces (although it seems like so many of them are gas, and I would always choose wood-burning over gas):

Love that this one has built-ins and a mantle.

So neat to have one as a room divider, so that you can enjoy it from so many angles!

Love this extra-long fireplace that 
makes the whole wall a feature

But a lot of the modern looks also don't have a mantle.  I love the way a mantle looks decorated for the holidays (not to mention, a place to hang the stockings!):

So classic (Source: Pinterest; root source unknown)
Festive! (Source: Pinterest; root source unknown)
While this one doesn't appear to be functional
(if a real fireplace at all), I think this is a GREAT way to
get the outdoorsy feel of a fireplace.
Source: Pinterest
Love the wintery theme!
Source: Better Homes & Gardens via Pinterest
Simple but beautiful  (Source: Pinterest)
Love the simplicity (Source: Pinterest)

And last but not least, I LOVE this retro fireplace.  A real wood-burning version would be nice!

If it's electric, do you still need to vent it?
 (Source: Pinterest; root source unknown)
So where do you hang your stockings?  And how will Santa get into your house this year?

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