Friday, December 14, 2012

Quite possibly the coolest tool on the internet

Remember how almost a year ago I got a new headboard for Christmas?  And then how we sold the old bed, bought a new bed frame, and painted some Kijiji night tables?

....well.... that's all that's been done to the bedroom since!   I still aspire to get new pulls on the night tables, new bedside lamps, maybe a rug beside the bed, and most importantly, to paint!  I'm ashamed to show this picture to you.  Most blogs are all about beautifully staged and styled photographs.  But Mary's Dwellings is all about real life folks!  Here it is in all its current glory:

Cleaning up the night tables is also on the list!!

I always thought I'd paint one feature wall behind the headboard, and my inclination was to go with a dark grey.  I'm noticing there is a LOT of grey in our house lately though.  So I'm wondering if I need to spice things up with a different colour.  Our duvet cover from Crate & Barrel has a whole array of colours that would coordinate nicely, but I'm reluctant to commit to a colour from the duvet - I like how simply you can change up a room by changing the bedding.... IF the paint colour is generic enough.

Anyway!  This brings me back to the coolest tool on the internet!   I recently learned about Sherwin-Williams' Visualizer tool on their website.  It allows you to upload a picture, and then select an area that you'd like to see with different colours of paint.  The site was very straightforward to use.  Selecting the area was also pretty easy  You aren't limited to a perfect polygon - you can really outline around furniture and other things in the room.  

I had so much fun trying out different colours for our feature wall.  I especially like the way it sort of hides a little bit of the junk in the room.

I don't feel like I'm much further along in the decision-making process, but it definitely gives me a lot to ponder over!   For those of you, like myself, who neither have Photoshop nor know how to use it, this is the site for you!

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