Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Same same, but different

Disclaimer: if one of these houses is yours, and you do not want it pictured on my blog, please contact me, and I will by all means remove the picture.

I love before and after pictures of home makeovers and furniture re-dos.  I love to see how something can evolve, and I often admire the vision of the person doing the makeover.  It can be difficult to see past a room's current state and to envision it any other way.

Having a baby who, until recently, napped very infrequently (unless in a moving stroller/car) meant that I spent a LOT of time walking around Toronto this summer.  And to make the most of it, I found a bit of a hobby in comparing neighbouring houses that at one point were probably identical, but are now quite different, thanks to different owners' tastes, preferences, and design decisions.  It's especially prominent when it's a semi-detached house (which I have recently learned is referred to as a duplex in some areas of the country??), and one half is completely different from the other half.

In any case, I've taken some photos, and I'll try to feature some on here from time to time.

First off:

All 3 of these are on the same street, and are basically the same house, but it's amazing how different they look.  The elements making the most significant impact are the windows, the porch railings, the front doors, and the landscaping.  Lately I'm particularly drawn to houses with non-white window panes and casings.  So I especially love how the third house has a simple colour palette without any real contrasting, and windows that are coordinated to the rest of the house.

Do you have a house that is the same as your neighbours, but drastically different in appearance?

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