Friday, February 28, 2014

My Top 10 Items for Baby Registries

A long while back, I posted about the fantastic site, which can be used to register for baby items.

So here, without further (several-month-long) ado, is my list of great items which I was SO glad to have:

Great Items

I'm not so photoshop-saavy (I actually don't even have it), so I have compiled this collage using  I also don't know how to number these items, so hopefully you can figure out what is what with the following list:

  1. Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle 'n Swing- this thing SAVED me during the first few months.  Without this, I probably wouldn't have been able to shower for weeks on end.  The nice thing is, it can be oriented to rock side-to-side like a cradle, or forward-backward like a swing.  Our babe personally liked the swinging option.  It's fairly neutral colours too, so even though it lived in our living room for far longer than I would like, it wasn't offensive to look at.   Oh, and it can take batteries or be plugged in, major score.
  2. Peg Perego Skate - Wow, did we ever look at a LOT of strollers, and tried them all out.  It was a tough decision, but I was very happy with my decision.  This one is very easy to open and close.  Baby can face you or out to the world, and in both directions, they can be lowered or raised, and upright or reclined.  It also comes with adapters so that you can click a Peg Perego carseat into it (adapters can be purchased separately for other brands of carseats), and other accessories - a rain cover, a cupholder, a canopy which works with both the stroller and the bassinet, a foldable storage basket below, and a leg cover.  In addition, it comes with a bassinet.  We used that for walks when the baby was a tiny infant.  But we also purchased the bassinet stand, which enabled us to have baby sleep in the bassinet in our room for the first while.
  3. Ubbi diaper pail - Keeps the smell out.  For real.  Need I say more?   (Oh, and you can use regular kitchen garbage bags with it!  No specialty bags required.  And it comes in so many beautiful colours!)
  4.  IKEA Poang Chair - I looked at tons of beautiful rockers, and was tempted to buy a big, fancy chair.  But in the end, I decided this $79.99 chair from IKEA was our best bet - it fit the small space, and was not a huge investment, which means that I won't be disappointed to get rid of it when I'm done with it.  And it is SO comfortable.  Surprisingly so.  The chair has been part of IKEA's collection since the late 70's, so obviously they know it's a winner too.  I could gently rock/bounce baby in it, and have done this for many nights over the past year!!  Lots of covers are available, and apparently it's easy to do your own DIY cover too.... might do that sometime!
  5. CB2 Pouf - instead of purchasing the matching Poang footstool, I opted for a pouf, which I love.  It adds some different textures to the room, and it is solid enough to sit on as an extra low/casual seat, but also comes in VERY handy while sitting in the Poang chair with the baby - it's really nice to have a footstool for extra support when you're holding a baby for a long time.
  6. So Young Charlie diaper bag - looks awesome, holds a ton.  Lots of compartments to keep things organized.  Not too girly, so Dad can use it too!
  7. Pekkle sleepers from Costco - At $6.99 a piece, these sleepers are a steal!  They are well-made, usually fairly cute (look through the piles), a nice cotton (I find there are 2 different cottons - one is softer and thicker than the other), and did I mention cheap?!  Considering babies outgrow these thisfast, it's nice to not spend a fortune on them.  After each growth spurt, we stock up - more of these means less laundry!
  8. Swaddle Designs Blankets - We tried lots of blankets made specifically for swaddling, and this was the only one our baby couldn't find her way out of!  It's nice and big, thick, warm, soft and cozy.  They come in many colours and patterns.  We used these every night until baby could roll over, and I firmly believe she slept better because of them!
  9. Babylegs - this one is more of a novelty.  But we received TONS of t-shirt onesies for baby, and not a ton of pants.  So Babylegs were so handy for keeping baby's legs nice and warm at home.  And the best part?  Easy diaper changes!  You don't have to take them off to change the diaper!  Lots of styles available!  Super cute!!
  10. And since the list needs a #10...  Electrik Kidz bandana bibs (not pictured).  Our baby spit up.  A lot.  And this bib was one of my favourites, because it doesn't have some ridiculous saying on it, and it looks cute over all her sweet outfits.  And it has a strap for her soother too!  Love the way it looks.  Canadian company too!

I hope this list is helpful to you, whether you're expecting or maybe even just buying gifts for a shower!

Stay tuned, as I'll be back with some other lists soon hopefully!