Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Same same, but different

Disclaimer: if one of these houses is yours, and you do not want it pictured on my blog, please contact me, and I will by all means remove the picture.

We recently checked out an Open House in the Junction area of Toronto.  As we walked toward the house, I couldn't help but notice these two houses as we passed by them.

Typically, in Toronto anyway, semi-detached houses start out identical.  So I'm not sure if the dormer on the house on the right is part of the original design, or if it was added somewhere along the line.  Certainly it gives the house a bit more shape and definition.

But other than that, these houses are essentially the same, but wow, what a difference in style and appearance!

The porch overhang on the house on the right also adds some more definition, compared to the bottom-heavy house on the left.  The dark siding on the house on the right is akin to the blue/black brick look that is so popular these days, and the wooden railing and door add some nice variation and warmth.  The simple addition of modern house numbers also makes a significant impact.

Isn't it interesting to see how two adjoining houses can look so different with just some minor variances?  What stands out to you?

If you know of two or more houses that are the same, but appear drastically different, send me a note, and I'll check them out!