The "Honey Do" List and Other Wishes for Our Home

One of the things we loved about our house when we chose to buy it in May 2010, was that it required very little work. Maybe a little personalization, decorating, and upgrades. But overall, the house was (is) in great shape, and was move-in ready. The kitchen and bathroom were upgraded in recent years, the front yard was landscaped a bit, the walls were fairly freshly painted.

After being in the house for a year though, it's amazing how many things I've said I'd like to fix, improve, or change. I decided to put it all into a list, and I can't believe how extensive the list is. Since we don't plan on being in this house forever, this list is a bit out of control.

But nonetheless, I thought I'd post it here, and see how the list evolves over the course of the time we are in the house!

And here I present to you, my

"Honey Do, and Other Wishes for Our Home" List!

  • Vent fan to outside, rather than attic

  • Vent hood fan to outside
  • If I was really dreaming big, I would replace the cabinets, counter-top, and backsplash…. Not likely to happen since what we have is very passable.
  • Fix the faucet, which drips non-stop

Dining Room

Living Room
  • Populate it a bit!  With seating, a coffee table, side tables, lamps, etc.... -- DONE!
  • Get a new little table for the tiny TV.

  • New bed - something with an upholstered headboard to soften the room a bit.
  • I'd love to find two old wooden night tables and paint them a fresh clean white.
  • Fix the art situation - we currently have an IKEA print hanging randomly over our bed. There are also two screws popping out of the opposite wall where the previous owners hung a huge mirror. We need to either get rid of the screws or put them to use!


  • Replace some of the rotting wood siding
  • Sand and repaint? This is something our inspector suggested that we do every few years...!?
  • Add some better storage & shelving along the back wall
  • Fix the askew window

  • Privatize the fence a bit - either with an entirely new fence, or even just some tall trellises or privacy screens. Currently chain-link fence exposes us to 5 different neighbours' yards.
  • Plant a peony plant
  • Find a way to spotlight our huge, beautiful maple tree.

Front of the house
  • New mailbox
  • New railings
  • I sort of like the idea of widening our front porch so that it's big enough to hold a Muskoka chair... I love sitting outside and reading after dinner in the summer!
  • The step from the front porch into our house is quite high. If we ever had to redo our porch, I would have the steps evened out better.

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