The Meaning Behind the Name

Welcome!  So where do I begin?  How about with an explanation of the meaning and reasons behind this blog, “Mary’s Dwellings”.  Well, the word really does have two meanings.

For one, I am entirely passionate about real estate in so many ways.  I have worked in both residential and commercial real estate offices (in the former as an office assistant during high school, the latter is my current role as a researcher).  One of my absolute favourite pastimes is visiting open houses and model homes, and I have enjoyed doing this since I was a young kid.  And when a friend or family member is involved in a real estate deal, I secretly hope that they will include me in the process, or else I struggle to restrain myself – I just can’t help but want to know the comparables, the wishlists, the deal-breakers, the choices, the limitations, the asking prices, the offer prices.  I have lived in Toronto my entire life (minus 4 years for university), and I feel like I know most neighbourhoods very well – right down to the street level for some.  I endlessly look to see what is out there, what is selling, how one compares to another, etc.  And so when somebody consults with me during their search for a new home, I love to show off my knowledge of the houses, the streets, the condo buildings, the floorplans – all that information I have stockpiled into my mental Filofax.

I made my first purchase – a 400-square foot condo – at the age of 24.  At 25, I accompanied my new boyfriend through the process of buying his first condo.  Four years later and recently engaged, we staged and sold his old bachelor pad, and purchased a 50′s-style bungalow,as our first home together.  And what did we do with my condo?  We converted it to a rental property.  It’s been a long-time dream of mine to own a number of rental properties, and I had to start somewhere!  This is a whole new world to me, as I am only learning as I go.  I am hoping that via this blog, I can share my experiences and my learnings, while also welcoming others to comment and share your experiences and advice.

And that is where the second meaning of the word comes in – I am a notorious over-thinker, analyzer, ponderer, and generally a slow decision maker.  So this blog will likely end up featuring some of the dilemmas that I find myself in, all dealing with the real estate world.

And so here, I will dwell on my dwellings!


  1. Hello !
    Sounds like a solid plan. Toronto is the actual dream city, is it not ? Renting your condo ? We have had fine tenants in our Queens Quay West condo. You will know the right one(s)when you meet them.

    I look forward to reading of your journey.

    We retire & return to Toronto this August. Thank God !

    COLINE Bettson

  2. Thanks for dropping by Coline! It's been such a learning experience already, but we're really enjoying it.

    Good luck with the move back to Toronto!